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Maidao Homeland which is next to Qingdao Unviersity and Ocean Unviersity !

Aug 13, 2019 06:03
Apartments for Rent
Month Rent:
3200 RMB
70 Sqm
1 bedrooms,1 bathrooms
Qingdao, Laoshan (Check Qingdao job ADs)
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  Tel : 1500648****(Login to your personal account to view the complete contact information)

Mail : zhao****

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Detail About This Listing

Maidao Homeland is also very popular among foreigners , even it is not next to the Foreigners’ area-----Mykal Area , but it is next to Qingdao Unviersity and Ocean University in which many foreigners are studying .
Maidao Homeland was built in 2004 , all high-rise buildings , and there are many one bedroom apartments in here , all of them have the similar structure , 70 sqm , one bedroom ,one living room , one bathroom , and one kitchen . The monthly rent of one bedroom apartments here is from2800 rmb to 3300 rmb .
Those photos is a one bedroom apartment here , 21st floor , fully furnished , 3200 rmb per month .
. This is Kaka - always at your service! I've helped out innumerable foreigners in Qingdao, so I know exactly what you need from a real estate agent – not only a good apartment, but also a wonderful post-rental service.
Moving to China can be a stressful experience- you need to sort out your visa, accommodation, cleaning, maybe getting a car, where to do the shopping etc... However, I assure you that you can call me any time and I'll always be more than willing to take care of these issues for you.

PS : Hi everyone , who wants to rent a car in Qingdao ? this is Kaka who is always trying to be the best real estate agent in Qingdao。Long long ago , I had a dream that I would have a big car , then I could provide a better service and help all the foreigners in Qingdao more . With all of your help this dream finally came true , and I think it’s time to let everyone know that I can offer a car and driver rental service now. I know all you guys need a big car to go some place such as the airport , Laoshan , Huangdao etc. for business and travel ,delivering things or even a day trip or afternoon out with a group of friends.My car has 9 seats , including the driver seat So , if you or your friends need a car , please remember that I can offer the best car rental and driver service , and I will charge the most reasonable service fee. As you know, I am always focused on maintaining positive relationships with all my clients as a real estate agent and my new car and driver service will build upon this.Anyway , I hope see you guys in my car in the future , and if you think I am a good man, please recommend me to everyone as a real estate agent as well as a car/driver service.

Upon contacting me, please mention that you saw my ad on eChinacities. Thanks!

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Username: Kaka(zhaokaka)

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User Reported: Maidao Homeland which is next to Qingdao Unviersity and Ocean Unviersity !

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